Saturday 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to all our readers! We hope to have All Saints back in use in the near future - further updates will be posted when available.

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Carol Singing

About a dozen intrepid singers and bucket rattlers, aided and abetted
by Nana the dog, took to the streets of Nocton under cover of darkness
on Sunday evening, inflicting their voices on the unsuspecting residents
of Wellhead Lane, Manor Court and The Avenue. Actually we were
told we sounded rather good!

A grand (and it was grand) total of £56.86 was raised, which with further
donations, including from the Village Hall Management Committee, came
to £35 for the church and £47 for our chosen charity, the Nomad Trust.

Thanks to all who donated and were so encouraging, to the Village Hall
Management Committee for the donation and the most welcome mulled
wine and mince pies, and of course to all those who took part in the singing.

We'll be back next year.... you've been warned!

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Carol singing - reminder

Just a reminder that we will be singing carols round the village on
Sunday, 18 December. Meet at the village hall at 5 pm. It doesn't
matter if you can't sing! We need collectors too so all welcome!

Sunday 4 December 2011

Carol Singing

If you would like to join us for carol singing please meet at
the Village Hall on Sunday 18th December at 5.00pm. We will
sing till around 6.30 and then we are invited to return to the
Village Hall for mince pies and mulled wine, kindly provided by
the Village Hall Committee. We need plenty of voices so come
along and have a festive sing!

Child sponsorship

All Saints has recently decided to sponsor a child in Gambia. We have
chosen to do this through a local charity named Snowballs in The
Gambia. Linda Carpenter-Coxon who lives in the village regularly
visits the Tambana School project and keeps us up to date with
developments and provides photographs. In her last visit, Linda
took out new school uniforms for the children. The money we
provide goes in some way to support our child with books and

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can contact Linda on
01526 322410 and she will give you more details. The cost is £30
a year to sponsor a child.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Church Clean Up for Village Wedding

There is a clean up planned at Nocton Church on Sunday 6th Nov at 2pm to get the church fit and ready to hold the wedding of Polly Hardy on Nov 12th. The building works have been put on hold for a week to allow this to happen.

The Churchwardens ask anyone who is available on Sunday at 2pm to give up a little time and help out.


Friday 30 September 2011

Church Roof Repair Update.

Todays weekly project meeting took place today at 2pm between Chris Hewitt (PCC Project Manager) David Glew (Architect) and Paul Mendham (Principal Contractor).

I am pleased to report the project is now slightly ahead of schedule and the Chancel roof will be finished early next week. The scaffolding will then be reduced in size and moved to the nave. Hirst Consevation were also on site today and have been completing the final touchup of the chancel ceiling  and rafters. Over the next three weeks chancel lighting will be installed and some stencil restoration will take place to the chancel east wall.

If anyone wants any roof tiles all those currently on the North Nave aspect are for sale. There are approx 8000 tiles ( 4500 plain 10.5" x 6.5" red dreadnought machine made & 3500 red club tiles made by Nostell). They are currently on the roof but are available from early December. If you want to see a sample close up, contact Chris Hewitt 01526 320645.

2011 Spires and Steeples Challenge

Monday 26 September 2011

The History of Nocton - A Centenary Presentation

The History of Nocton: a presentation of a lantern slide show first shown in October 1911, in Nocton Village Hall, Main Street , Nocton, on Wednesday 12 October 2011 at 7.30 p.m.
The script and original images from the lantern slides have been saved, so the evening will take you back to Nocton in 1911.  Desserts and wine to follow.  Tickets, in aid of buying flowers for the 2012 Nocton Church Flower Festival , are £5 if bought in advance, or £6 on the door.
For tickets, phone 01526 322930, or 322739, or 321455.

Friday 23 September 2011

This is how it looked in 1862

The South side of the chancel today, just how it must have looked in 1862. The pattern is quite complex and has been the subject of much debate. Thanks to the roofing team for their fabulous work to date.

Sunday 18 September 2011

Ahead of schedule!

Thats the outcome of the last roof project review we had last Friday.After a slow start things are moving well. All parties...PCC, Architect, Builder, Conservators are working hand in hand to achieve what looks to be an astounding finished product,

After much debate the roof pattern has been determined and is going on to plan. The conservators have taken away the damaged North chancel fresco and are removing wall salts before it is restored. The chancel ceiling has been cleaned and is about to have some slight restoration work. We have also decided and have permission to install ceiling lights in the chancel to illuminate the newly restored and we are also going to restore the original 1875 stencilling to the East Chancel wall over the great window.

No need to say more just look at the pictures:

The New South Chancel Roof
The Uncovered East Chancel wall Stencilling which will be restored
Cleaned and partially restored Chancel Ceiling.
Structural repairs to the SE Chancel pinnacle
The damaged fresco on the Chancel North wall has been removed for restoration.

Monday 22 August 2011

Wine Tasting Evening - Sat 27th Aug

Just a reminder that on Saturday 27th Aug there is another fantastic wine tasting evening at the Village Hall. They have been great evenings in the past with lots of expert wine knowledge on show. There are a few tickets left but they are going fast. If you require any, please get the tickets from the Nocton Social Club Bar (£15 - Includes all wine and food) Tuesday or Thursday evening this week.

Or give me a call on 01526 320645

Friday 19 August 2011

150th Coop Birthday Grant - To Produce New Guide Book.

Thanks to an application on behalf of Nocton PCC, by Sue Morris and Carol Bennett, we have been awarded £1000 by Lincolnshire Coop as part of its 150th birthday celebrations, to produce a new guide book for the church. The current guide is over 20 years old with limited photographs so it will be a great to have a new glossy book available. As next year is also our 150th anniversary it seems a very appropriate time to launch it.

The next step will be to come up with some conceptual idea's. I know Carol and Sue have things in mind, which we as a PCC look forward to seeing soon.

Our sincere thanks are sent to Sue and Carol for their efforts thus far.

Additionally, Nocton School have also been awarded £1000 by the Coop to set up a kitchen to teach the pupils cookery. Well done to them alsol!

For a matter of interest, there were 700 applications for the 150 grants awarded!!

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Update on Church Repairs...It's Going Well!

The work is well underway now with scaffolding towering above the Chancel to the height of the Nave ridge.
The initial work is to remove the Large coping staones on the eastern edge of the Nave to allow lead to be inserted and the stones to be reseated. The large patch of water staining on the 'Christ in Majesty' fresco on the western side of the chancel arch seems to have been coming in from open gaps in the joints where the large base kneeler stone has been seperating from the building. This is now under repair and should !!! cure that problem.

We have also had the ceiling of the chancel inside the church partially cleaned, there is more to do but the images are already bursting into life.

Paul Mendham has also taken measurements and a template of the cross at the eastern Nave end to investigate the cost to replace the missing western Nave end cross which fell down some 10 years ago with a similar one. There are no records we are aware of that show the cross that originally stood on the Western Apex, it may have been the same or different.

Work continues and over the next 10 days a large temporary roof will be erected over the chancel to protect the roof when the tiles are removed.

NB. All the high level scaffolding has now been alarmed with infrared beam sensors which phone out in the event of being activated.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

It's All Happening Now!

Scaffolding is now going up around the Chancel. The first major job to be undertaken will be the removal of the Nave East End Coping Stones to be reseated when Lead Flashing has been fitted. This will be done prior to the chancel roof to stop debris falling on the new roof.

Thursday 21 July 2011

Ceiling Condition Survey

Hirst Consrvation have spent today completing a detailed pphotographic condition survey of the Chancel ceiling prior to external works commencing. Their task in the project is to clean and repair the chancel ceiling along with the repair of the North Chancel wall. Having been up the scaffolding today I really dont envy the working environment they will have to suffer.

Blog Updated with Summer Information.

This months Message, Magazine and Service times have now been uploaded. There will be no paper magazine during August, the next issue will be mid-September. My copy cut off date for the September issue will be Sept 10th. Please start thinking what you could submit, photos, articles etc. A lot goes on in Nocton, it's good we all know about it!

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Church in the Village Hall.

Last Sunday saw us transfer to the Village Hall for our fortnightly service of Holy Communion, here in Nocton. It was a great success. I'm sure the singing was much improved from that we normally hear in church!!

We will continue the services in the village hall untill the church is fully reopened. The target date for completion is the end of January 2012.

George Gilbert Scott's Bicentenary

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir George Gilbert Scott. Glibert Scott was the architect employed by Lady Ripon to design All Saints Church in Nocton, as a 'fitting memorial' to her late husband Frederick Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon. Gilbert Scott built in a style called Gothic Revival, which was extremely popular mid 19th century as the Victorians looked back to the 11th and 12th centuries, a period they regarded as creating buildings of the finest quality.

Repairs are now well underway to our Gothic Revival church which also has a major birthday (150 years) next years.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Lincolnshire Churches Trust, Award A Grant Towards Our Repairs

Another big thanks, this time to the Lincolnshire Churches Trust and its secretary, Des Underwood. I applied for a grant from them to make up some of the shortfall on the roof. Des and I toured the church a couple of weeks ago, and on the 28th June their grants committee awarded us another £5000 to toward our reroofing project. It is very much appreciated.

We are very much in the final stages of fund raising and are around £8,000 short now. Occasionally something unexpected comes up, this time it's our insurance premium for the church which has increased by £1339.86!!!!! to cover the period the builders are at work.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Emptied & Closed ....but the business of God still goes on!

After a busy weekend of a wedding on Saturday and a baptism today the church has finally beem closed for the roof repairs. Thanks to the huge team who helped empty and pack away and move key things to the village hall so our worship can continue.

L-R  Doreen Green, Ann Kennedy & Jim Eagle

The church looks very sad and forlorn as we left it but with the builders taking over tomorrow we are already looking forward to the repairs and our re-occupation early next year.

As for now our services continue unchanged, now taking place in the village hall, on the normal sundays at the normal times, we look forward to seeing you.

Monday 27 June 2011

Church Closure...we need at little help.

Yesterday saw the last Eucharist Service before the church transfers to the village hall, next Saturday we see the last Wedding and Sunday the Last Baptism.

At 3.30pm on Sunday 3rd July we need a team of volunteers to assemble at the church to help remove all the loose contents of the Nave and Chancel into the Memorial Chapel where they will be sealed up during the re-roofing works.

We could also do with some good sturdy cardboard boxes to store books etc in too. Any help you could give would be most appreciated.

At 9am on Monday 4th July the Church will be handed over to the builders.

Saturday's Concert....Another Fantastic Night!

Nocton Church resounded to the enchanting sound of Anglican Choral Music, Oasis, The Beatles and Postman Pat on Saturday as we sat and listened in awe to a fabulous performance by the 'Lincs Effect'. The 7 piece male harmony group made up of Adult Cathedral Choristers, gave us and evening to remember as they toured us through a selection of music in a concert entitled 'The Sacred and The Profane'.

The Lincs Effect at All Saints, Nocton - 25th June

Around 85 people attended and enjoyed a glass of wine and finger buffet at the interval. The weather being warm encouraged people to go outside, chat and also look at the last week of the modern Sculpture display. Another great event at Nocton Church. Thanks to Carol Bennett and the fundraising committee for all their hard efforts. The small hiccup of the door locking them out, trying to break in and finally calling out a locksmith 45 mins before concert start is a story also worth the telling. A Great Concert! Great Music! Great Food and we raised £640 towards the roof repairs. Thank you to all who took part, performers and organisers.

Saturday 18 June 2011

What a Good Lecture!

A great turn out of 25 attended the lecture 'Light in Art' given by Lincolnshire artist, Martin Griffiths, tonight in the church. Martin took us a break neck speed through art from the middle ages to the very modern and analysed the changes of techniques in relation to light and its application in paintings down the ages. The hour flew by and I now hope I have had the door unlocked to enjoy art in a more soulful and meaningful way.

Martins sculpture 'Solar 1' which is still outside the church until the end of the month was also a focal point of discussion. On the 30th June Martin is to work with pupils from Nocton Primary as the look at art as part of their curriculum.

We've really enjoyed being part of this sculpture tour - Thankyou Martin.

Thursday 16 June 2011

It's all on!

Contracts were signed last night for the reroofing project. English Heritage also yesterday agreed the final tile choice, and the builders and interior conservators agreed their joint requirements.

I also had a meeting yesterday with Lincolnshire Old Churches Trust in respect of more grant aid. I am very hopeful they will offer a contribution.

Final details are now in the hands of our architect, David Glew. Phew.........!!

Its been a long slog but we've got there. Thanks to everyone who has helped in anyway whatsoever to this point in time.

Saturday 11 June 2011

Online Prayer Request

If you wish the team and congregation at All Saints Nocton to Pray for you, a situation, a colleague, relative or anything where you consider prayer an important means of support. Please feel free to use the new link on the blog site navigation bar 'Prayer Request'.

If you wish us to pray only privately for you please let us know on the form.

We hope you will find this a useful addition to the pastoral and ministerial  services we offer in the community.

Roof Works - Permissions Granted

We have now received the the Diocese of Lincoln approval for the works to our church. This is known as a FACULTY and is the authorisation from the Chancellor of the Diocese, His Honour Judge Mark Bishop.

This legal authorisation is something that has to be obtained prior to any works inside or outside a building belonging to the Church of England.

There are a few of minor conditions stated which will be delegated to our architect David Glew to manage. However everything is on course for a July 4th start as planned.

We anticipate signing the contracts at the PCC meeting on Wednesday 15th June.

Sunday 5 June 2011

Christian Aid Week - Update.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Christian Aid Week Collection. We raised a fabulous £328 and I know a number of you contributed directly via Credit Card.
Well done again Nocton. Christian Aid monies really do help the most needy.

Saturday 4 June 2011

An Update on the Church Roof.

Plans are now well advanced to commence the reroofing of the Nave and Chancel. Subject to final permissions and tile selection by English Heritage, the reroofing will start on Monday July 4th. The completion date is now envisaged as the end of January 2012.

The work will be completed in two phases with the chancel repairs being completed first then a pause to allow for the bat maternity roost to naturally vacate the building during August. Additionally we have a previously planned wedding on 12th November which we must honour, so the phase two the chancel will start after Miss Polly Hardy has wed. This will ensure there is NO scaffolding visible for photographs. The roofers will then work in earnest throughout December and January to complete the Nave.

During this period all church services will take place as normal in Nocton, with the exception being they will be held in the Village Hall (by Bishop Tim's permission).

Light in Art - A Lecture by Sculptor, Martin Griffiths.

To coincide with the display of Martin's sculpture 'Solar 1' at All Saints during June, there will be a lecture given by Martin in the church on Saturday 18th June starting around 7pm. The title is 'Light in Art' and will be reflection by Martin of the use of light to reflect nature and spirituality in art.

Pleased come along, entry is free and refreshments will be available.

Lincs Effect Concert June 25th at 7.30pm

Come along and enjoy another great Nocton Concert.
Contact Carol Bennett 01526 322930 or Ann Kennedy 01526 322739 for tickets.

The New Book is Launched

Sue Morris today launched the second book about Nocton put together by herself and Sheila Redshaw 'The Last Years of an Estate Village - Volume Two'. Many people from the village and around the country were invited as contributors, to a hog roast on The Green at 1pm. The book was launched with a cake and speech from Sue at 2pm. At first glance it looks like another good history of Nocton as it was, and is today.

The Church was also open for visitors to come have a look around and view the Light Sculpture installed by artist Martin Griffiths. There was a good footfall throughout the afternoon, for viewings, a coffee and cake and some genealogists researching their families.

The weather was great and I think we all had a good time.

Monday 30 May 2011

Church Open Day - Saturday 4th June 2011......and more!

To coincide with the launch of  Volume 2 of  'The Last Years of an Estate Village' by Sue Morris, we have decided to open the church for Teas Coffees and Cakes from Midday to 5pm on the same day (4th June). This also coincides with the installation of a modern sculpture by Lincolnshire Artist 'Martin Griffiths' which will be on display in the church grounds throughout the month of June.

Martin will also be giving a lecture entitled 'Finding the Spiritual in Art' at Nocton Church commencing at 7pm on Saturday 18th June (free entry). Refreshments will be available. Please come along.

On the 25th June we have a concert in church by 'The LincEffect' check them out at .
Tickets for this event will be available on the night and are available from Carol Bennett and Ann Kennedy.
£12.50 (Concessions £10) paid up supporters of Nocton Church £8.50.

Monday 16 May 2011

New Churchwarden on the King James Bible

An article appeared in todays Lincolnshire Echo about aspects of the King James Bible and its local connections on the 400th anniversary of its publication. Our new churchwarden and Nocton resident Dr Nicholas Bennett, who is the Cathedral Librarian and Vice-Chancellor, is interviewed about the celebrations. To read the Echo article please click here.

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Welcome to the Rev Jonnie Parkin

Tonight saw a fantastic turnout as the Rev Jonnie Parkin was licensed as associate priest to the benefices of Branston with Nocton and Potterhanworth, Metheringham with Dunston and Blankney. The Bishop of Grantham, the Rt Rev Dr Tim Ellis performed the licensing during a service a All Saints Church, Nocton.

Representitives of all the parishes, local school and local authorities attended. Jonnies main role will be to work with children, schools, young adults and families.

It was a fabulous sight to see him welcomed by the community across the board. Hopefully it is a precursor of good times to come. After the service an informal reception was held at Nocton Village Hall.

Thursday 5 May 2011

Our New Churchwarden

Congratulations to Dr Nicholas Bennett on his swearing in as our new churchwarden at St Denys Church Sleaford yesterday. He will now work along side Dr Liz Murray keep the church up and running for the community in Nocton.

I have stepped aside due to my ministry training, however I am maintaining my responsibility for the reroofing project and have taken over the treasurers role from Chris Howard (after 47 years!!).

Check out Junes magazine for new contact details.

400 Years of the King James Bible

This year is the 400th anniversary of the publishing of the King James Bible. To celebrate locally we have decided to use the King James Version and much of the tradition liturgy that comes from that era at our service next Sunday. We shall use Common Worship Order 2 in Traditional Language which is very close to the Book of Common Prayer liturgy used for hundreds of years.

Please come along and join us to celebrate the Kings James Bible. 9.30am Sunday 8th May at all Saints, Nocton

Saturday 16 April 2011

Palm Sunday Procession 2011

Please join us tomorrow for a Palm Sunday procession. The service is in Potterhanworth and we will processing from the primary school to the church accompanied by a donkey again. There will be a small said service at the school starting at 9.15am when palm crosses will be distributed.

Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week culminating on Easter Sunday. Everyday throughout Holy Week there will be some type of worship at one of the benefices three churches, Branston, Potterhanworth and Nocton.

Please try and find the time in your busy week to join us, and take some time to reflect on the true 'un-chocolatey' flavour of Easter.

Friday 15 April 2011

New Bishop of Lincoln Announced

Director of Ministry - and former steel-worker - appointed 72nd Bishop of Lincoln

The Prime Minister has confirmed the appointment of the Venerable Christopher Lowson as 72nd Bishop of Lincoln.

Christopher has been Director of Ministry for the Church of England since February 2006. In this role he has led a team responsible for developing policy and delivering support to those in lay and ordained ministry throughout the Church of England. The Ministry Division advises the House of Bishops, the Archbishops' Council and the General Synod on ministry matters and is responsible for the selection and the oversight of the training of more than 900 new clergy, lay Readers and others admitted to ministry each year.

Born in 1953 in the north-eastern industrial steel town of Consett in Co. Durham, Christopher attended Blackfyne Comprehensive School, and was encouraged to explore the possibility of the ordained ministry soon after his confirmation when he was 13 years old.

His father, grandfather (a professional footballer) and great-grandfather had all worked at Consett's steel works, and Christopher worked there for two summers as a labourer in the coke ovens at the plant while undertaking his initial training for the ordained ministry. He completed his studies at King's College London and in St Augustine's College, Canterbury (AKC), where two of his fellow students were the current bishops of Grimsby and Grantham.

In 1976 he married Susan, and in the same year was awarded a World Council of Churches Scholarship to study at Berkeley in California where he studied within the Graduate Theological Union and gained the degree of Master of Sacred Theology (STM) for his work on the relationship between theology and literature, writing a dissertation on theological themes in the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Christopher was ordained deacon in the Diocese of Southwark in 1977, and priest in 1978. He spent five years as a curate in Richmond in southwest London. His first post in charge of a parish was Holy Trinity Eltham - a suburban parish in the London Borough of Greenwich where he was also Anglican chaplain to Avery Hill College of Education - later part of Thames Polytechnic and now the University of Greenwich. After nine years he was appointed to be vicar of Petersfield, a market town in Hampshire, and rector of a village on the edge of the South Downs, Buriton. During this time he studied as a part-time student at Heythrop College, in the University of London for a Master of Theology degree (MTh) in pastoral theology, writing a dissertation on models of ordained leadership in a rural context.

In 1999 he took up the post of Archdeacon of Portsmouth, later to become the Archdeacon of Portsdown. He chaired the Diocese of Portsmouth's Board of Ministry and the Kairos Project, a programme of renewal for the diocese which encouraged parishes and diocesan bodies in Portsmouth to take part in an 18-month process of study, prayer and reflection on the needs of the their local communities before producing five-year plans for mission and ministry.

He also helped devise and teach an MA course in Church and Community Studies at the University of Portsmouth for clergy, Readers, teachers and other professionals. In 2003 he completed a Master of Laws degree in Canon Law (LLM) at Cardiff Law School in which he explored legal issues surrounding the history and future of the parson's freehold, and in 2006 took up his current post in London.

Susan, his wife, is a registered general and paediatric nurse who now works as a lead clinician for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, providing clinical advice in relation to complaints about the National Health Service in England. She is also churchwarden of St Matthew's Church, Westminster. Christopher and Susan have two grown-up children: James (31) now married to Katie (also the child of an archdeacon) who works for Dow Jones in London - Katie works for the BBC - and Rebecca (29) who is a History graduate and who now lives and works in Manchester.

"It was a great honour to be invited to be Bishop of Lincoln, and my immediate instinct was to accept," said Christopher.

"It is daunting to be part of a great tradition of people who have all left their legacy in the Diocese, and I pray that I can live up to this great challenge. We're very much looking forward moving to Lincoln, and exploring the wonderful diversity in the Diocese, and to leading God's work here.

"Being a bishop is about supporting and encouraging the clergy and laity of the Diocese at the grass-roots. It's about mobilising the people of the Christian community to engage with the life of the world in order together to uncover and build God's Kingdom. Christians need to work together with all people of good will - of faith and no faith, in the public, private and voluntary sectors - to serve the common good and to build a community in which all people can flourish and grow into the people God has made them to be."

The Lord Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Revd Graham James, who is also chair of the Church of England's Ministry Division, said: "Christopher Lowson has the gentle authority of a fine pastor and the clarity of mind of a superb teacher.

"He's been greatly appreciated as a parish priest, archdeacon and most recently as Director of Ministry Division. Lincoln will soon count itself fortunate to have Christopher as its bishop."

To relax, Christopher enjoys watching live sport, particularly cricket and football, and walking.

"Susan and I are looking forward to being much closer to the countryside," said Christopher.

Thursday 14 April 2011

Where Are We Now With The Roof?

Well we are nearly there. The roof repairs will start 4th July and hopefully be completed before 12th November. Paul Mendham (Stonemasons) has been selected as the preferred contractor for the external repairs and Hirst Conservation have been selected to undertake the artwork restoration inside the church.

To complete the works to the plan we originally envisaged, there is currently a shortfall of £19,000. I dont think out of an overall budget of just over £200,000 that is too bad at this stage though. That gives us around 12 months to raise the extra capital.

I will continue to persue grant awarding bodies for anything we can obtain. Other members of the church community (such as Carol Bennett, Ann kennedy, Doreen Green and Elsie Horton) are busy organising fundraisers such as the Buffet Lunch on the 8th May and the Lincs Effect Concert on 25th June. An appeal has gone out to the local community in this months magazine for more of you to become supporters of Nocton Church (last year the appeal raised over £3,000).

Please help us out in this one last push. This is a once in a lifetime chance to keep this building intact and  good for another 150 years. It is the most precious building in the village and its our way of leaving our mark in history.

I look forward to any help you can offer. Whether its by way of a gift or you fund raising for us. Thanks!

APCM Update

We held our Annual Parochial Church Meeting last night and a number of Changes to the Office holders took place.

Chris Hewitt stood down owing to a conflict with the role and his ongoing ministry training.
Liz Murray was re-elected
Nicholas Bennett was newly elected.
(the Office transfers from Chris to Nicholas after the Archdeacons Visitation on May 4th)

Chris Howard was re-elected as vice-chair (there is no chair as we are in vacancy)
but he stood down as treasurer after 47 years !!!!!
Chris Hewitt was elected to the treasurers role
Liz Murray was re-elected as secretary.
Ruth Eagle was re-elected as our Graffoe Deanery Synod representitive.

Doreen Green, Elsie Horton and Ann Kennedy were also re-elected to the PCC.

We discussed our Mission and Ministry last year, the fabric of the building and the ongoing repairs.
The meeting ended just after 9pm.

If anyone is interested we still have a vacancy for a PCC member.

Monday 28 March 2011

The Rev. Jonnie Parkin.

Johnnie is to be licensed to the parishes of Branston, Potterhanworth, Nocton, Dunston, Metheringham and Blankney, at a service in All Saints, Nocton on Tuesday 10th May 2011 at 7.30pm.

The service will be led by the Rt Rev, Dr Tim Ellis, Bishop of Grantham, there is an open invitation for all parishioners of the six parishes to attend and welcome him to his new role within our communities.

Afterwards there will be a welcome reception at Nocton Village Hall, put on by the congregations of the six parishes. A finger buffet and drinks will be available. If you intend to come along it would be useful to know for catering purposes.

More information will be published shortly.

Keep Nocton Tidy

Saturday 12 March 2011

History of the Nocton Estates Light Railway

I have just been reading through the MACLA website and came across a recently published article on the Light Railway formerly used on the Nocton Estate. Its worth a read if your interested in local history.

Here's a flavour which may suggest those 'idyllic days' now long gone were not as harmonious as we are led to believe.

........Mr W.H. Dennis, however, had different ideas on the farming policies of his land and one by one the 26 tenant farmers were given notice to quit so he could manage the entire land himself. Systematically, farm houses on the estate, from the edge of the Lincoln Heath to the Fens, were to be left empty and then in time totally demolished, changing the idyllic Lincolnshire countryside forever. Mr Dennis's actions continued to make him less than popular in the community as woods and hedgerows too were cleared as he increased his arable land to some 8,000 acres, to become one of the major producers of beet, potatoes, wheat and barley in the country. The fact that Nocton Station was on his doorstep was a great advantage to him as his produce could be transported to all points from here. ........

Click here to take you straight there.

More Good News!

Another grant application has turned out to be positive. The Garfield Weston Foundation base in London has sent me a cheque for £3000 towards our repairs along with all their good wishes for the project.

Thank you Garfield Weston.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

The Roof Moves Forward...

Well actually I hope it stays in place just for the moment. I did however have a phone call today from the English Heritage grant officer. They are the process of reviewing our plans, costings and tenderers to make sure everything is in place. I may have mentioned before that the costs have come in nearly 50% over estimate for various reasons which did lead to a little dissapointment last year when I feared we may have to trim back our ambitions. However I did submit a strong case to EH for further funds back in December 2010 and it was indicated today that they will probably enhance our original grant by £31,000 to make up some of the deficit. I await confirmation but I am now very hopeful that the project can be completed as originally planned with a few efficiencies hear and there.

As required by the church planning law a public notice has to be displayed for 28 days to give people the chance to view the plans and write with observations to the Diocesan Registrar. The notice is on the church notice board opposite the Post Office and is displayed inside the church. The last day for observations is 30th March.

The first week in April will be the time when everything will come together and we should know exactly how th year will process and what will be being done. I will keep you updated.

Thursday 3 March 2011

March's Magazine

March's magazine is now published and paper copies will be out shortly. I have decided to change the publication date to mid-month to allow for a catch up with most meetings which tend to take place at the beginning of each month. This will make some of the info in the magazine more current. However this blog and Geoff Halls blog carry much of the 'whats on' info if you need to find any village info out.

I have put the full service pattern upto Easter Sunday on line, not quite as far in the paper copy, just in case there is a slip with publication dates.

I hope this will be useful and as I said before more current, things change very fast in Nocton!

Friday 18 February 2011

Our New Associate Priest

The Bishop of Grantham, The Rt Rev, Dr Tim Ellis has today put out the following press release:

“The Bishop of Grantham is pleased to announce that the Reverend Jonnie Parkin, who is currently Youth & Children’s Missioner and Team Vicar in the Haborough Anglican Team in the Diocese of Leicester, has been appointed part time Associate Priest in of the benefices of Branston with Nocton and Potterhanworth and Metheringham with Blankney and Dunston in the Graffoe Deanery and part time U2Charist Animateur for the Mission Initiatives Project, subject to CRB Disclosure.  Jonnie, his wife Mel and their family hope to move to Branston in May and will be licensed by Bishop Tim during May.”

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Whats Next?

Like many villagers it's the uncertainty that is the problem. Are we now going to be face with more years of anticipation of what might or might not be. I must admit while I had no problems with the dairy I do not like the sound of the 'watch this space' at the end of the press release.

I hope the village can now pull and work together for the benefit of the community, especially as the parish council elections are looming. There is a lot that can be done and lot that should be done. There's space for new people,  new idea's and new ways of doing things. So if you feel as though you've something to offer, go for it.

Nocton Dairies Plans Withdrawn.

From: Amy Jackson
Sent:  16/02/2011 1:23:39 pm
Subject:  FYI press statement being issued today - plans withdrawn

Ambitious plans for UKs largest dairy farm withdrawn

Plans to set up the UKs largest dairy farm were withdrawn today (16
February 2011), announced the applicants Nocton Dairies Ltd in the following

We are writing today to North Kesteven District Council to formally withdraw
our application for planning permission to build a 3,770 cow dairy farm at
Nocton Heath, Lincolnshire, reference 10/1397/FUL.  The sole reason for
this decision is the response of the Environment Agency, which has
maintained its objection to the proposal. 

The Environment Agencys grounds are lack of information about risks posed
to the aquifer underlying the site and uncertainty about the extent of the
benefits associated with the change in land use.  This precautionary stance
and requests for new information reflect unfamiliarity with agriculture in
general and the design of the modern dairy farm in particular.  Despite our
best efforts to address these concerns, including an additional investment
of £4 million in engineering the management of the waste to unprecedented
standards, lack of relevant research has made it impossible to provide the
reassurances required by the Environment Agency that livestock farming is an
appropriate use of land at this site. 

We believe the Environment Agency has not acted under any pressure in
reaching this decision and that no undue influence from other individuals or
organisations has been brought to bear; any claims to this effect would be
both disingenuous and self-serving. 

We would like to emphasise the following points:

·       The challenge has been laid down to the farming industry to
produce more with less.  We need leadership to help us do this and proactive
advice from regulatory experts  only a practical, informed and can-do
approach will move this whole agenda forward

·        The industry needs to stand up to those who would twist the facts
about animal welfare, and highlight lack of investment as the issue, not
scale or type of system. If our industry does not tell the public the facts
and open its doors to show how we are great at farming in many different
ways, then misinformed single interest pressure groups will fill the void
with untruths to the eventual detriment of all

·        The fundamental concept we have been proposing is a sound one:
expand dairying toward the east to re-integrate livestock and arable
farming, make better use of resources, proactively manage welfare, gain
economies of scale, and look to support a long term reduction in water
pollution.  We challenge other farmers to pick up the baton and see where
these concepts can take them.

In conclusion, we would like to thank those in the dairy industry who have
voiced support over the past few weeks  you know who you are  and the many
local people who have approached us to express their backing. We would
especially like to thank our neighbour Robert Howard, and Ralph and Mary
Timms of Nocton who had the open mindedness to fully research the project
and the courage to change their position and express their views openly in
the face of overwhelming criticism. 

Our other two applications for a pipeline and reservoir remain active. Our
farm at Nocton is a tremendous site with much potential for the future, so
we wont be selling it, but will now be taking some time to consider our
options.  Watch this space!


Tuesday 15 February 2011

New Shape of Ministry in our Joint Benefices is forming.

Some of you may by now be aware that the Rev Jonnie Parkin has been appointed as a part time associate priest in our joint Benefices of Branston, Potter and Nocton, Metheringham, Blankney and Dunston. Along wth Sister Liz and The Sisters of St Francis at Metheringham,  they are forming the basis of a new style of ministry which we will be the prototype for. The setup is still not complete and Bishop Tim along with others is considering the options. I'm not sure as yet where Jonnie Parkin will live, but it may potentially be the Branston parsonage house that Darol used to live in. We wish Jonnie well as he joins us.

What a Wonderful Day.

We were out taking the dog for a walk this morning so I'd thought I might capture some of the fantastics vistas of snowdrops carpeting the woods around the hall. It's a great time of year to hope that the dreadful weather we had during December is well and truly behind us, and things can and will get on with the 'back to normal' seasonal routine of things. Go and take a walk and enjoy the air and the views.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Back and Refreshed

Got back from my retreat this afternoon and what an experience. I will relate a little more of it later and possibly in next months magazine. I have also added a new link you might be interested in. It is to the Sisters of St Francis, in Metheringham. They are a recent addition to the worship in the area . Their house, the former vicarage in Metheringham was formally opened by Bishop John towards the end of last year. If you wish to know more about them and their work please take a look. I will repeat the link here for ease. Sisters of St Francis . Sorry about the delay in this months magazines but they should be with you over the next couple of days.

Monday 31 January 2011

Feb's Magazine

This months magazine will not be delivered until around 10/11th of Feb as I am away on an 8 day Ignation Spiritual retreat organised at very short notice and wont be back until the 9th Feb. There will be a few paper copies in the post office if anyone wants one and the electronic copy has been circulated and will be available to download from from tomorrow.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Last Nights Nocton Dairies Village Meeting.

On 19th January the Parish Council hosted a meeting between Nocton residents and representatives of Nocton Dairies.  The aim of the meeting was to provide residents with an opportunity to ask questions about all aspects of the proposed Dairy development on Nocton Heath.

The meeting was independently chaired by Liz Murray (one of the Church Wardens) and was attended by some 100 people, the overwhelming majority of whom were from Nocton.

After short presentations from Peter Willes of Nocton Dairies and Andrew David, a Nocton resident who outlined some of some of his concerns about the proposal, there followed a lengthy and detailed question and answer session covering environmental, traffic, spreading of digestate, public health and economic issues associated with the Dairy development.  There were also a number of questions and comments from residents about Nocton Dairies’ recently submitted application for an underground digestate pipeline from the Dairy  to Wasps Nest.

Left: Andrew David, 2nd Left: Liz Murray, Centre: Peter Willes, Right: David Barnes.

The discussion was lively and generally very good-natured and covered a wide range of issues and concerns about the Dairy.

At the conclusion of the meeting Liz Murray received a vote of thanks for the effective and very fair way in which she had chaired the meeting.

(Thanks to Ian Goldsworthy for his parish mag submission which I have abridged here. The full unabridged version will appear in the Feb parish mag.)

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Meetings of Interest.

Wed 19th Jan. The Nocton Dairy Q&A Session with reps from Nocton Dairies & Opposition Groups. In the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm. Independently Chaired by our own Dr Liz Murray.

Wed 2nd Feb at 7.30pm. The Village Hall AGM, the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Booking Clerk are all up for election. If you interested in standing for any of these positions you must have you interest registered in writing with Doreen Green (Secretary) prior to the meeting. Other committee members may also be elected. All villagers are eligible to attend and vote

Thursday 13 January 2011

Meeting with Nocton Dairies, Wed 19th Jan, 7.30pm

Meeting with Nocton Dairies - 19th January 2011
This event has been arranged to take place in Nocton Village Hall - it is reserved for local Nocton residents only.

Evening schedule

7.30 pm - Introduction and Welcome (including Groundrules)
7.35 pm - Presentation from Nocton Dairies Ltd
7.45 pm - Presentation of issues on behalf of local residents

Question Time

7.55 pm - Environmental concerns e.g. Groundwater; Aquifer; Noise; Light; Screening; Ecology
8.10 pm - Transport and Traffic issues
8.25 pm - Spreading of digestate etc
8.40 pm - Public health concerns
8.55 pm - Employment / Economic issues
9.10 pm - New pipeline
9.25 pm - Any other business
9.40 pm - Closing remarks.

Residents are invited to submit written questions in advance of the evening. After these have been answered, questions and comments will be taken from the audience on the night.

Please forward your questions to:

Councillor Ian Goldsworthy at:

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Back to Normal.

This time of year things do go very quiet, however routine continues, so:

Parish Council Meeting - Tuesday 11th Jan from 7pm

Village Hall Coffee Morning  -  Wednesday 12th Jan, 10am - midday

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Twelfth Night.

Thats Thursday, so remember to take all those decorations down.

Its also the 6th of January which is this date the Anglican church celebrates the Epiphany - that is when the Kings, Magi or Wise men visited the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. The day that he was revealed to the world in all his glory as the Son of God.

The church is nearly stripped now after the festival, with just a few things to put away. I have all the decorations not already removed in bags at the church so i'll get them back to you ASAP.

We are going to run it again next year so get those thinking caps on to refresh your trees with updated ideas. It will be quite a task though as they were all so good! Thankyou.

Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well 2011 is here at last so here's wishing all of you a happy and prosperous New Year. Lets hope we've seen the last of the bad weather  -  I suspect not though.

I decided not to make any of those (last one day only) resolutions as my will power is abysmal, so I can only be dissappointed.

I've been a little quiet on here over Christmas as many of us had a very heavy workload running up to the festivities and it's actually quite nice to switch off and wind down for a few days, so I did just that.

Anyway, the January Parish Mag is now finished and in print, copies can be downloaded from here shortly. We have a new advertiser this month, Mandarin Leisure. Martin who runs it is keen to push the sport of Nordic Walking along with all the other things he offers to get us back into shape after all the seasonal excesses, so if your interested there will be a proper flyer distributed with this months mag as well to give you more info.

Enjoy the next couple of days off before work resumes.