Sunday 18 September 2011

Ahead of schedule!

Thats the outcome of the last roof project review we had last Friday.After a slow start things are moving well. All parties...PCC, Architect, Builder, Conservators are working hand in hand to achieve what looks to be an astounding finished product,

After much debate the roof pattern has been determined and is going on to plan. The conservators have taken away the damaged North chancel fresco and are removing wall salts before it is restored. The chancel ceiling has been cleaned and is about to have some slight restoration work. We have also decided and have permission to install ceiling lights in the chancel to illuminate the newly restored and we are also going to restore the original 1875 stencilling to the East Chancel wall over the great window.

No need to say more just look at the pictures:

The New South Chancel Roof
The Uncovered East Chancel wall Stencilling which will be restored
Cleaned and partially restored Chancel Ceiling.
Structural repairs to the SE Chancel pinnacle
The damaged fresco on the Chancel North wall has been removed for restoration.

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