Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Carol Singing

About a dozen intrepid singers and bucket rattlers, aided and abetted
by Nana the dog, took to the streets of Nocton under cover of darkness
on Sunday evening, inflicting their voices on the unsuspecting residents
of Wellhead Lane, Manor Court and The Avenue. Actually we were
told we sounded rather good!

A grand (and it was grand) total of £56.86 was raised, which with further
donations, including from the Village Hall Management Committee, came
to £35 for the church and £47 for our chosen charity, the Nomad Trust.

Thanks to all who donated and were so encouraging, to the Village Hall
Management Committee for the donation and the most welcome mulled
wine and mince pies, and of course to all those who took part in the singing.

We'll be back next year.... you've been warned!

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