Churchyard plan

Please click on the link above to view a spreadsheet master plan of our churchyard. This incorporates an Index to the Register, with details of all memorial inscriptions and an overall plan of grave locations.  This is up-to-date as at January 2018.

N.B. The memorial inscriptions are denoted by a small triangle in the corner of the entry and can be viewed if you download the document and open it with Microsoft Excel.

 Thanks to Geoff Hall for collating the information from a number of different documents.


  1. I’ve found the relevant grave nr but where can I locate a plan of the graveyard. Thankyou

  2. Hello, if you click on the words "plan of the graveyard" at the top it will open the spreadsheet, if you then click on the tabs at the bottom it will open the plan for the two parts (north or south). Hope this helps.