Wednesday 9 March 2011

The Roof Moves Forward...

Well actually I hope it stays in place just for the moment. I did however have a phone call today from the English Heritage grant officer. They are the process of reviewing our plans, costings and tenderers to make sure everything is in place. I may have mentioned before that the costs have come in nearly 50% over estimate for various reasons which did lead to a little dissapointment last year when I feared we may have to trim back our ambitions. However I did submit a strong case to EH for further funds back in December 2010 and it was indicated today that they will probably enhance our original grant by £31,000 to make up some of the deficit. I await confirmation but I am now very hopeful that the project can be completed as originally planned with a few efficiencies hear and there.

As required by the church planning law a public notice has to be displayed for 28 days to give people the chance to view the plans and write with observations to the Diocesan Registrar. The notice is on the church notice board opposite the Post Office and is displayed inside the church. The last day for observations is 30th March.

The first week in April will be the time when everything will come together and we should know exactly how th year will process and what will be being done. I will keep you updated.

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