Saturday 18 June 2011

What a Good Lecture!

A great turn out of 25 attended the lecture 'Light in Art' given by Lincolnshire artist, Martin Griffiths, tonight in the church. Martin took us a break neck speed through art from the middle ages to the very modern and analysed the changes of techniques in relation to light and its application in paintings down the ages. The hour flew by and I now hope I have had the door unlocked to enjoy art in a more soulful and meaningful way.

Martins sculpture 'Solar 1' which is still outside the church until the end of the month was also a focal point of discussion. On the 30th June Martin is to work with pupils from Nocton Primary as the look at art as part of their curriculum.

We've really enjoyed being part of this sculpture tour - Thankyou Martin.

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  1. Yes, agreed Chris! Really enjoyed the talk, meeting Martin and generally chatting and having a look at Solar 1. Something different in the village, thank you all - Jill B