Thursday 13 January 2011

Meeting with Nocton Dairies, Wed 19th Jan, 7.30pm

Meeting with Nocton Dairies - 19th January 2011
This event has been arranged to take place in Nocton Village Hall - it is reserved for local Nocton residents only.

Evening schedule

7.30 pm - Introduction and Welcome (including Groundrules)
7.35 pm - Presentation from Nocton Dairies Ltd
7.45 pm - Presentation of issues on behalf of local residents

Question Time

7.55 pm - Environmental concerns e.g. Groundwater; Aquifer; Noise; Light; Screening; Ecology
8.10 pm - Transport and Traffic issues
8.25 pm - Spreading of digestate etc
8.40 pm - Public health concerns
8.55 pm - Employment / Economic issues
9.10 pm - New pipeline
9.25 pm - Any other business
9.40 pm - Closing remarks.

Residents are invited to submit written questions in advance of the evening. After these have been answered, questions and comments will be taken from the audience on the night.

Please forward your questions to:

Councillor Ian Goldsworthy at:

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