December 2020

Sunday December 29th (1st Sunday of Christmas)
10.00 am   United Benefice Service        Potterhanworth

January 2020

Wednesday January 1st – New Year’s Day
9.00am     Communion and Coffee     Nocton
10.30am    Coffee and Communion         Branston

Sunday January 5th (Epiphany)
9.00am      Communion (BCP)               Branston
9.30am      Eucharist                            Potterhanworth
11.00am    Family Service                     Branston
6.00pm    ‘Breathe’                             Nocton

Wednesday January 8th
9.00am    Morning Prayer                  Nocton

Sunday January 12th (Baptism of Christ)
9.30am    Eucharist                            Nocton
11.00am   Sung Eucharist                     Branston
4.00pm     church4ALL                          Potterhanworth

Wednesday January 15th
9.00am    Morning Prayer                   Nocton

Sunday January 19th (Epiphany 2)
9.30am     Eucharist                              Potterhanworth
11.00am   Morning Prayer                      Branston
4.00pm     BCP Communion                   Branston

Wednesday January 22nd
9.00am    Morning Prayer                   Nocton

Sunday January 26th (Epiphany 3)
9.30am    Eucharist                             Nocton
11.00am   Sung Eucharist                      Branston
4.00pm     church4ALL                          Potterhanworth

Clergy contact:

The Rev’d Lorna Brabin-Smith

Rector of Branston with Nocton and Potterhanworth

The Rectory, 19 Abel Smith Gardens, Branston