Wednesday 27 November 2019

Walk the walk this Christmas

This isn’t really a Christmas article – more an invitation to come and enjoy the experience of ‘Joe Carpenter and Son: an English Nativity’. On Friday December 6th – in the heart of Potterhanworth.

Joe Carpenter and Son is an exciting theatrical telling of the Nativity story. It’s based on a lovely children’s book by Graham Clarke, recounting the events of the birth of Jesus. And it’s being acted for us by Mr Murderie’s Players.

Mr Murderie and his Players are a very talented bunch. Among other things, they put on murder mystery evenings for local charities. Last month they produced the Branston Plough Play to celebrate the British National Ploughing Championships at Nocton. And for the last couple of years they’ve put on Joe Carpenter and Son. Last year at Nocton, the year before at Branston.

So now this year, Joe Carpenter comes to Potterhanworth. The event begins in the Memorial Hall, then we walk around the middle of the village, serenaded by carol singers, meeting the characters, and watching the story unfold. After visiting the church, we return to the Hall for supper: home-made soup, crusty bread and cheese, coffee and cake.

It’s a great evening whether you come as a family or on your own. Either way, it’s a good idea to bring a lantern or a torch. And you’ll need tickets. So please contact Janet at or 797-078 or Rev’d Lorna at 794-868. £6 for adults, under 12yrs £3, 3yrs and under FREE.

Two performances, one at 6.00pm, the other at 7.30pm - so choose whichever works for you. If you missed ‘Joe Carpenter and Son’ when it came to Nocton last year, catch up at Potterhanworth this year. Friday December 6th – see you there!

Happy Christmas everyone.
Love Lorna

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Carol singing

We will be singing carols in the village again this year (sorry).  Please join us!  We will start at the Cottage Care Home at 6 pm on Monday 16 December and sing carols with the residents before moving onto Wellhead Lane (you lucky people).  Refreshments afterwards.