Saturday 12 March 2011

History of the Nocton Estates Light Railway

I have just been reading through the MACLA website and came across a recently published article on the Light Railway formerly used on the Nocton Estate. Its worth a read if your interested in local history.

Here's a flavour which may suggest those 'idyllic days' now long gone were not as harmonious as we are led to believe.

........Mr W.H. Dennis, however, had different ideas on the farming policies of his land and one by one the 26 tenant farmers were given notice to quit so he could manage the entire land himself. Systematically, farm houses on the estate, from the edge of the Lincoln Heath to the Fens, were to be left empty and then in time totally demolished, changing the idyllic Lincolnshire countryside forever. Mr Dennis's actions continued to make him less than popular in the community as woods and hedgerows too were cleared as he increased his arable land to some 8,000 acres, to become one of the major producers of beet, potatoes, wheat and barley in the country. The fact that Nocton Station was on his doorstep was a great advantage to him as his produce could be transported to all points from here. ........

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