Thursday 14 April 2011

Where Are We Now With The Roof?

Well we are nearly there. The roof repairs will start 4th July and hopefully be completed before 12th November. Paul Mendham (Stonemasons) has been selected as the preferred contractor for the external repairs and Hirst Conservation have been selected to undertake the artwork restoration inside the church.

To complete the works to the plan we originally envisaged, there is currently a shortfall of £19,000. I dont think out of an overall budget of just over £200,000 that is too bad at this stage though. That gives us around 12 months to raise the extra capital.

I will continue to persue grant awarding bodies for anything we can obtain. Other members of the church community (such as Carol Bennett, Ann kennedy, Doreen Green and Elsie Horton) are busy organising fundraisers such as the Buffet Lunch on the 8th May and the Lincs Effect Concert on 25th June. An appeal has gone out to the local community in this months magazine for more of you to become supporters of Nocton Church (last year the appeal raised over £3,000).

Please help us out in this one last push. This is a once in a lifetime chance to keep this building intact and  good for another 150 years. It is the most precious building in the village and its our way of leaving our mark in history.

I look forward to any help you can offer. Whether its by way of a gift or you fund raising for us. Thanks!

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