Saturday 9 May 2020

Keep yourselves safe

This is a message from the Lincolnshire Police Crime Prevention and Partnerships Team

Please be advised that we have recently seen an increase in reports of doorstep traders across the county. People have reported being visited by doorstep callers offering to complete garden work, or home maintenance tasks such as repairs to roofs.

In the current climate you should not be receiving visitors to your home. 

If someone knocks on your door, and you are not sure who it is – do not open the door. Doorstep sellers/traders rely on you to engage with them. If you don’t open the door in the first place, then you can’t be persuaded /pressurised into paying for work you don’t want or need doing.

Any suspicious callers / traders should be reported to Lincolnshire Police on 101.

Message sent by
Gillian Fleet (Police, Preventing Financial Fraud Officer, Lincolnshire)