Tuesday 28 September 2021

Harvest Thanksigivng weekend

 More good news from the Harvest Thanksgiving weekend - the craft fair raised £226, and £140.60 was donated from the collection at the Harvest Thanksgiving service for WaterAid. If you weren't able to be in church at the weekend to see our beautiful new green altar frontal dedicated, here's a photo of Bishop David with it.


Thank you Nocton!

This is the haul from the Harvest Thanksgiving weekend and the craft exhibition that was taken to All Saints Branston Food Bank this morning.  This will make such a huge difference to families in need.  Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Sunday 26 September 2021

A new Bishop for Lincoln

Bishop Christopher leaves Lincoln at the end of December, so the search is on for a new bishop. And we’re all invited to contribute our thoughts on what sort of person we need. So what impact would you want the next Bishop of Lincoln to make across the diocese? What qualities, skills or leadership characteristics do you think they would need? What in your view are the top three priorities for the diocese in the future?

The Diocese of Lincoln is huge and very varied – from city to village, from industrial to rural, from busy suburb to remote farmhouse, from prosperous to deprived. So it’s important that a wide range of people are involved in the thinking.

You can contribute your ideas through the on-line survey on the Diocese of Lincoln website. The deadline is the end of September. Look for the survey on the website home-page. Or if you’d prefer to write in let Rev’d Lorna know and she’ll get a paper copy of the survey to you. Email lorna.brabinsmith@
btinternet.com or phone her (01522) 794868 to leave a message.