Thursday 25 December 2014

The real meaning of Christmas

Perhaps during Christmas, more than any other time, we fail to hear God's voice.  Distractions abound, and at a time when our focus should be on our blessings and our Saviour, we're tuned in to other things that seem more pressing.  But on Christmas Day, make the choice to open your heart, mind, and spirit and listen for God's voice.

A very happy, peaceful and blessed Christmas to you all. 

Monday 22 December 2014

December Doodle

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Carol singing

Thanks to all who came carol singing last week and thanks to all who responded so magnificently!  We received a warm welcome around Manor Court, Main Street, Potterhanworth Road and Parklands Avenue, with several people coming out to listen.  No one threw boots or bricks at us!  The evening started with a session to warm us up at The Cottage Residential Care Home, where the residents joined in with some well known carols.  We finished at the Village Hall and were met with welcome mince pies and delicious mulled wine.  We raised £80.87 which will be divided between the church and a homelessness charity.  Next year we will visit a different section of the village so as to spare the same people having to listen to us every year...