Sunday 12 November 2023

This week at the food bank

In addition to the usual "Most Wanted" List (below), Operation Christmas Hamper 2023 is about to start.
For the fourth consecutive year from Tuesday 14 November 23, we’ll reaching out and requesting donations for Christmas Hampers. We have routinely delivered 100+ hampers across our communities to help make Christmas a little more easier for individuals and families. This year, commencing on 14 December, we’ll be delivering them across the community.

This weeks ‘Most Wanted List’ is below. If you are able to assist with anything, it will be gratefully received:
Pot noodles
Mug shots
Microwaveable rice
Size 5 Nappies
Children’s snacks
Soups - All flavours
Tinned new potatoes
Tinned peas
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned carrots
Tinned sweetcorn
Tinned rice pudding
Tomato sauce

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