Monday 31 October 2022

Foodbank weekly list

A slightly longer message from the food bank this week. Once again thanks to all who support this.

The Most Wanted List for this week:
Squash any variety
Kitchen roll
Toilet rolls
Baby wipes
Washing tablets
Small tins of stewed steak
Small tins of casserole
Whilst we are very grateful for all the donations, we currently have an abundance of tinned soup. I’ve no intention of compiling a ‘Not Required List’ but when considering donating, alternatives to soups would currently be appreciated.
As we enter November next week they’ll be 54 days to Christmas (I promise, I won’t mention it again 🤣) we will once again begin to request donations for Christmas Food Hampers ie Christmas puddings (For one) etc. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be borne in mind over the next few weeks - Thank you.

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