Saturday, 13 January 2018

Christmas conversation

This might sound like a personal question – but what did you talk about round the table on Christmas Day? The dinner? ‘This turkey’s nice and moist.' 'The sprouts aren’t soggy like last year.' 'This Christmas pud is delicious – can I have some more please?’

Or maybe you recalled previous years: the time someone forgot to take the giblets out of the turkey, the time you went for a walk and found those sheep stuck in the ditch, the time when Grandma had too much sherry …

Or maybe you remembered family and friends, with a tear and a smile.

What you probably didn’t talk about were politics or religion. Apparently they’re the two topics that should never be discussed over a meal. Too difficult, too sensitive, far too likely to cause a row. But what a shame! So, while I can’t offer you a chance to talk about politics, I would like to offer you the chance to talk about religion.

There are several options. We can’t do them all, not all at once. But if you’re interested in an opportunity to talk about religion, to ask questions and exchange views, in a safe space and in a spirit of exploration, take a look at the list. Choose the one you’d like and let me know. In the new year we’ll put on whichever proves most popular. We’ll start with a taster evening: you won’t have to sign up for the whole thing.

Just looking
Three evenings with pizza, a glass of wine and your questions.

Puzzling questions

Five or six evenings watching a magazine style DVD programme with presentations, interviews, and poetry on some of those vital questions: Who am I? What is God like? Why is there suffering in the world?

Table talk

An informal chat round the table in the pub with starter cards to raise the topics of your choice.


You’ve probably seen this advertised in the city. It’s a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge. But it is more demanding on your time. Google Alpha to get more info.

If you’re interested in one of these options please get in touch. Write to me at The Rectory, 19 Abel Smith Gardens, Branston LN4 1NN or email

We’ll be starting in February.

Rev’d Lorna

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