Wednesday 5 July 2017

Wall paintings

Some of you may be wondering what is happening about the project to restore the wall paintings in All Saints.  We were poised to start this work last year when we were advised that it would be unwise to do this until some investigative work had been done.  The wall is dry now, after several years of being allowed to dry out naturally, but there is still condensation in the area at times and, most importantly, salts continue to move throught the stone and affect the area.  There is no point in restoring the paintings only to have them fail after a few years because of more damage.  We have a plan for a way forward but it will appear that nothing much is happening for some time to come, although in fact we will be doing investigative work to understand where the salts are coming from, how they move through the area and whaat is required to protect the area from further damage.  The more thorough the preparation, the better the final result.

We acknowledge with gratitude that many people have donated over many years towards this and we wanted to assure the parishioners of Nocton, and those people from outside the parish who have also kindly donated, that we continue to work hard to sort this problem out.

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