Sunday, 29 June 2014

Village children celebrate St Peter

From Carol Bennett

The 29th of June is the day each year when the life of St Peter is remembered. In the weeks leading up to this time, Rev. Jonnie Parkin and a member of the children’s activity group across the six parishes, in association with luminous, went to Dunston St Peter’s School and worked on a drama with the children about the life of St Peter. They prepared video clips telling the story of Christ calling Peter, and Peter following Christ. The members of the cast threw themselves enthusiastically into the characters, hurling themselves into and out of boats, being astonished by his miracles, then dismayed by his capture and sentencing to death. Peter was a very human saint, who made mistakes. Fearful of capture, he denied knowing Christ three times before Jesus was crucified, yet
it was Peter whom Jesus chose to be the rock upon which to build his church (the name Peter is derived from the Latin word ‘petra’, meaning ‘rock’.)

The children’s activity team and Rev. Jonnie Parkin took the video prepared by the children in Dunston School to the Methodist Chapel in Dunston for a workshop on Saturday, 28 June. Children, including Paddie and Lydia from Nocton, watched the videos, and then responded with a craft response, involving creating a fishing scene on a paper plate, with blue tissue paper for the Sea of Galilee, a clay boat, a net and fish. They made pipe cleaner people which were then fastened together to make a church, standing on a base of rock from the Lincoln Cathedral quarry. There was also a big fish made up of CDs, which overlap and catch the light like fish scales. On the next day, the Sunday of St Peterstide, there was a group service in St Peter’s Church, Dunston, when both the videos and the crafts prepared by the children became essential components in the worship.

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