Sunday, 27 April 2014

Fashion show 16 June

Back by popular demand, this is the moment, ladies, to refresh your wardrobe!  Even if all you buy is a £20 scarf for £5, you will go home happy, having had an entertaining evening catching up with friends, and also with the latest trends in fashion.  The clothes are from sizes 8 to 24, modelled by real people who have generously given their time to show you how the fashions look on real people.  These are high street labels of the first quality, and there is a changing room to try before you buy.  Entry to the show is £5.   Tickets are now on sale at the Post Office, or contact Jane Kania ( or Julie Partridge (, or phone Carol Bennett (01526 322930).  Doors and Private Bar will open from 7 pm.  The fashion show starts at 7.30 pm.

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  1. Fashion forecasts for the next year are full of solid colors among them shiny solid colors and metallics, tons of animal prints and stripes, bohemian looks as well as over sized and bulky

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