Wednesday 1 May 2013

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

All Saints held its Annual Vestry Meeting (to elect the churchwardens) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (the church's AGM) on 24 April 2013.  Ten people attended the meeting at which Nicholas Bennett stood down as churchwarden.   The PCC wishes to record its thanks to Nicholas for all his work.  Liz Murray was elected unopposed but we are now a churchwarden short as we should have two.

The qualifications for being a churchwarden are that the person must:
be baptised
be named on the church electoral roll of the parish
be an actual communicant
be at least 21 years old
not be disqualified from being a charity trustee under section 72(1) of the Charities Act 1993
not have been convicted of any offence mentioned in Schedule 1 to the Children and Young Persons Act 1933
not be disqualified under section 10(6) of the Incumbents (Vacation of Benefices) Measure 1977 (No. 1)

If anyone fulfils these criteria and would like to discuss what being a churchwarden might involve, please contact Liz Murray for more details on 01526 323357.

The Parochial Church Council (a parish church's governing body) is re-elected each year.  Elsie Horton stood down and again the PCC wishes to thank Elsie for all her work over many years.  The following were elected as members of the PCC:
Carol Bennett
Nicholas Bennett
Ruth Eagle
Doreen Green
Chris Howard
Ann Kennedy

Ruth Eagle announced her intention to stand down as Deanery Synod representative in the near future.  Our thanks go to Ruth for fulfilling this role for a good number of years!

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