Thursday 2 December 2010

From the Newsletter - Profile of a Nocton Resident: Scott Studd

Scott is a young man who has lived in the village of Nocton for the last 8 years with his family, dad Glen, mum Dawn & older sister Tanya. He is 18 years old and has a moderate learning difficulty/autism. Scott has attended Queens Park School since the age of 4.
Over the last few years Scott, along with 6 of his classmates, has been working towards his Duke of Edinburgh awards.  These awards fall into 3 categories, Bronze, Silver & Gold. Having successfully completed his Bronze & Silver Awards Scott was keen to participate in the Gold Award, a considerable challenge to anyone that attempts it.  

As part of his Gold Award Scott had to volunteer to help in the community.  To achieve this he spent several hours each week at Hartsholme Park with the park keepers clearing the woodland areas and helping to keep the public areas safe and tidy. Scott doesn’t enjoy working out of doors,  hating the rain! but he persevered and had excellent reports from his co-workers.

Scott was also required to complete a physical challenge; this has to be planned and trained for by the team.  Scott and his team, along with their leaders, climbed Scafell Pike.  En route the team carry out navigation exercises and safety procedures.  This was a long, arduous climb taking in total 9 and ½ hours.  It is to the credit of all the participants that no-one turned back.  Fortunately for Scott it was dry that day!

For the Gold Award a residential section also needs to be completed. This is carried out with students from other schools and colleges who are generally not known to each other. The students spend 5 days and 4 nights away from home taking part in activities which are team building, increasing confidence and self esteem. Scott thought it was  fun and a real chance to do something different!

Not without a sigh of relief, Scott finished all the required components of his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award earlier this year.  On Nov 2nd 2010, Scott and his mum, dressed in their finery, attended St James Palace in London where he met and talked to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, founder of the programme.  The surroundings and atmosphere were quite overwhelming but Scott took them, and the presentation, firmly in his stride.  It was a wonderful, if tiring, day and an experience that Scott can justly be proud of. 

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award is a challenge for anyone, but as Scott has special needs it was inevitable that the challenge would increase.  Scott deserves credit for his achievements, (Mum’s very proud!!) and his willingness to help those of his team that were less able than himself.  Well done Scottie! 

Scott with his Gold Certificate

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