Who's Who

       For all pastoral matters please contact the Rector:

       Rev Lorna Brabin-Smith
       The Rectory
       Abel Smith Gardens
       LN4 1NN

       Tel 01522 794868
       email lorna.brabinsmith@btinternet.com

       For all administrative matters

       please contact the churchwarden:
Dr Liz Murray

Tel 01526 323357
e-mail elisabeth.c.murray@gmail.com
PCC Secretary
Dr Liz Murray

Tel 01526 323357
e-mail elisabeth.c.murray@gmail.com
PCC Treasurer
Dr Nicholas Bennett
e-mail nicholas.bennett@talk21.com
Deanery Synod Representative
Ann Kennedy
Members of the Parochial Church Council
       Carol Bennett
       Nicholas Bennett (Vice-Chair)
       Ruth Eagle
       Janet Goldsworthy
       Ann Kennedy (ex officio)
       Liz Murray (ex officio)
       Keyholders (all of whom are willing to open up the church on request!)

       Liz   01526 323357
       Nicholas / Carol   01526 322930
       Ann   01526 322739
       Doreen   01526 322323
       Richard / Jacky   01526 321558
       Ruth   01526 322285

       A key is also available at Nutwood, The Green, Nocton.