Who's Who

       For all pastoral matters please contact the Rector:

       Rev Lorna Brabin-Smith
       The Rectory
       Abel Smith Gardens
       LN4 1NN

       Tel 01522 794868
       email lorna.brabinsmith@btinternet.com

       For all administrative matters

       please contact the churchwarden:

John Reding
Tel 07916 453687

e-mail john.reding46@gmail.com
PCC Secretary
Carol Bennett

       email carol.bennett21@btinternet.com

PCC Treasurer
Maddie Parker
e-mail maddieparker5@hotmail.co.uk
Deanery Synod Representative
Ann Kennedy
Members of the Parochial Church Council
          Carol Bennett
       Nicholas Bennett (Vice-Chair)
       Ruth Eagle
       Janet Goldsworthy
       Ann Kennedy (ex officio)
       Elisabeth Murray
       Maddie Parker 
       John Reding (ex officio)
       Keyholders (all of whom are willing to open up the
       church on request!)

       Liz                      01526 323357

       Nicholas / Carol   01526 322930
       Ann                    01526 322739
       Doreen               01526 322323
       Ruth                   01526 322285

       A key is also available at Nutwood, The Green, Nocton.