Time for Tea?

It's such a great British institution - afternoon tea.

Although I always enjoy a half-pint mug of tea, it always tastes so much better if it's sipped from a china cup.  Then there are the slices of cake, the dainty sandwiches, and best of all - the scone.

Not just any old scone.  It needs to be home-made.  It needs butter, proper butter, not margarine or a low-fat spread.  It needs jam, preferably blackcurrant; and it needs cream.  A great bug fat luscious dollop of crea; and yes, in that order.  Controversial I know, but it never works if you put the jam on last...

And while you're imagining that delicious scone - here's another thought.  I wonder if you think of the church as a great British institution?  I suppose in some ways it is.  Though of course it's different in Wales and Scotland.  The Church of England is just a small part of a much bigger community, the Anglican Communion, and that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, right around the world, with a membership that includes many races, colours, languages and nationalities.

But the Church of England also means the parish church.  Which means that it's a church for everyone living in the parish - people of faith, people of no faith, and everyone in between, including those who want to ask questions.

It's a public building, not a members-only club-house, so you can come whether you just want somewhere to sit so that you can enjoy some peace and quiet, or somewhere private so you can pray, or somewhere sound-proof so you can shout.

Rev'd Lorna