Everyday disciples

Lent seems to have arrived early this year!  It's a time to prepare for the Easter celebrations: the fast before the feast.  For some that means practicing self-discipline, for others it's a time to do something extra.  Either way, you might like to try out one of the activities we're offering this year under the theme of 'Everyday disciples'.

There's a menu of possibilities to choose from.  Even if you're not a regular church-goer, you're welcome to join in.  There's a more detailed programme and sign-up cheets in church.

The Bible for Today and Tomorrow:  Six sessions exploring the ways the Bible is relevant to daily living: breath, living water, lamp, sword, daily bread...

Book Group: The Struggle to Love (ISBN 0-281-04740-5): Kathy Galloway writes about people she's met and reflects on the Beatitudes.

Stations of the Cross: If you'd like to do something hands-on then join the group making picture panels for our 'Stations of the Cross' this year.  No particular artistic talent required!

Lent Communion and Lunch: A short Communion service at 12 noon, followed by a simple lunch.  Every Wednesday through Lent, from 21 February to 28 March, in Branston Church Hall.  Just turn up.

Everyday Prayers for Everyday Disciples: It's not always easy to pray.  So we've produced a collection of everyday prayers, plus a simple outline for daily prayer.  Help yourself to a copy from church.

Bible Study: Three sessions exploring what St Paul says to everyday disciples.  His letter to the Colossian church might be 2000 years old (more or less) but it's still bang up to date!

Puzzling Questions: There are some questions that we all puzzle over at some point in our lives: Howw can I be happy?  Why is there suffering in the world? Explore five such questions through a series of magazine style DVD programmes.

Pub walks: If the great outdoors is more your style, then join us for a short pub walk Thursday 8 March, Saturday 17 March, Tuesday 20 March.

Holy Saturday Walk - Saturday 31 March: Walk from Bardney up into Lincoln, pausing for a lunch-time picnic along the way and ending with a short service in the Cathedral, and then tea and hot-cross buns in the cloisters.

Love Rev'd Lorna